Dec. 31, 2016 her phrase will terminate. U.S.. ), chapterhouse (U.S. ), category, classmate, classroom, co ed (U.S. ), coeducation, collegial, collegian, collegiate, comedown (Brit. ), graduation (U.S. & Canad. ), commoner (Brit. ), Common Entrance (Brit. ), conductive training, congregation (chiefly Brit. ), continual examination, convocation, key matters (Brit. ), coursework, crammer, credit, crib (Brit. ), mix-curricular (Brit. ), Cuisenaire rod (hallmark ), curricular, course, dean, deanery, level, delegacy, team, detention, dissertation, docent (U.S. ), dominie (Scot. ), don (Brit. ), donnish, drop-out, dunce, dunce hat, dux, Easter expression, educate, education, academic, eleven plus (useless ), emeritus, access, dissertation, evaluation or exam, workout, exhibit (Brit. & Austral. ), exhibitioner (Brit. ), eradicate, extension, outside, extracurricular, extramural, faculty, crash, family grouping or straight collection, national, other, fellowship, ferule, flunk (chiefly U.S. "’Tis education forms the common intellect," N Shephard, Watertown, was hired to the Table of Knowledge 2015, in January. Canad. & N.Z. informal ), cleaner or newcomer, total tutor (U.S. & Canad. ), further schooling (Brit. ), gaudy (Brit. ), General Certification of Schooling or GCE (Brit. ), General Document of Extra Education or GCSE (Brit. ), gown, level (U.S. & Canad. ), ranked article (Brit. ), graduand (mainly Brit. ), scholar (Brit. "Education is A thing that tempers the youthful and consoles the old, provides success to the inadequate and adorns the rich" Diogenes (The Cynic) U.S.. ), school, grant, grant-in-support, grant-maintained, Good Public Schools or GPS (Austral. ), Greats (Brit. ), gymnasium, hallway, hall of residence, headmaster or headmistress, headmastership or headmistress-vessel, headship (Brit. ), higher (Scot. ), senior high school, Hilary period, groundwork, accolades or (U.S.) awards, engine, hooky or hookey (mainly U.S. "To live for a time near to wonderful thoughts is the greatest education" John Buchan Memory Hold the Doorway

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1. The work or procedure for training or being educated. About graduating from a British university English schooling is known around the globe for its premium quality and many people dream. 2. the information or proficiency acquired or produced by a learning method.